About AxxNox Self Defense Magazine

Since 2013, we have promoted the values of self-reliance and self-sufficiency and guided users towards developing well-rounded skills.

The use of force is one small subset of a complete ecosystem set of skills. We educate people on how soft and hard self-defense skills/tradecraft relate to one another and how events progress across the plane of these disciplines.


Our self-defense technique database, articles, stories, and video content take a simple, analytical approach to the key skills you need to be resilient in the face of austerity— situational awareness for prevention, escape and evasion, first aid, and much more.

We consult with numerous thought leaders and subject matter experts from a wide range of backgrounds, compile how-to guides,  and examine scenarios that can help you plan your response to a real-life crisis.

We have a frank, "hype-free" approach to centered around the following criteria: The skills we teach are:

1. Useful and applicable after basic training. 

2. Easy to learn and remember under duress. relies on gross motor skills.

3. Varied skills so they can be tailored and employable by people of all sizes and genders.

4. Effective and evidence-based.

Ready yourself for life’s toughest challenges. Develop the skills, and broaden the knowledge you’ll need to not only survive but persevere under difficult conditions.


Once you’ve built a strong foundation, you’ll be able to confidently handle whatever the future holds, from everyday inconveniences to life-changing disasters.


The Responsibility of Improving is yours, but you don’t need to face it alone.

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