Violence Reconstruction Expert Witness


We are experts in how violence happens.  

We specialize in the analysis and reconstruction of the use of force events. We can explain what occurred during a violent encounter.


We prepare individuals and teams to perform in professions and environments where violence is routine. As instructors, We teach professionals what they will encounter in violent encounters. These factors are typically un-known to the citizen at large and especially to a legal practitioner.


Many internet and movie fueled misconceptions about how violence occurs, especially what is or is not an immediate danger. Misinterpretation permit cases of legitimate self-defense to be prosecuted as crimes or imperfect self-defense.


We share our research around the world as well as to civilians. Our research is evidence-based and covers; threat assessment, danger indicators, de-escalation, judging appropriate response levels, and articulation of facts. 


We can describe why that level of force was not just reasonable, but necessary.


We are proficient at identifying and explaining technical information to layman:

  • Analyzing and communicating conditions that constitute an immediate threat of grave bodily harm as well as the conditions that do not.

  • Articulating physical aspects of violence.

  • Outlining and Spotting visual pre-attack indicators

  • Psychological, perceptual, and cognitive changes people experience during conflict and violence.

  • Weapons of opportunity and improvised weapons

  • Form and order of violent behavior

  • Defining experienced and inexperienced assailants behavior.

  • Helping jurors understand how seemingly innocent actions by assailants are literally indicators of an extreme threat during the encounter.

  • Video interpretation and escalation of violence timeline.

  • Human or non-human body movement as it pertains to generating sufficient force to cause particular trama.

  • How various versions of events are formed and why one is more credible than another.



Criminal Cases

Cases, when either party claims it was self-defense, are usually a slam dunk for the prosecution.

     1) Many times the violent action was illegal.

     2) The prosecution's attention shifts to subvert the idea it was self-defense if they are facing an affirmative defense.


The burden of proof is so critical to cases of legitimate self-defense and imperfect self-defense.

Mitigation or outright countering the evidence must be presented that opposes the counsel's contentions. Counsel will have grounds to push it to trial or extreme negotiations or bargaining.

How does an Attorney convince the jury it was self-defense?

We can assist you at this point

As an exhibit, if you have a case where a party is asserting seld defense due to past personal experiences and run-ins with the other party and recognized and the attack was imminent may involve weapons.

We can illustrate the covert and overt danger signs that foretell violence. These are behaviors and body language that many times are unconsciously recognized by people in the conflict but unfortunally these signals do not but average people post-attack.

We will identify, provide context to these benign warning signs and actions average people do not know or recognize. In the self-defense trade, they are called pre-assault indicators and are recognizable of a classic imminent attack.


From a video or narrative, we can explain their significance to the jury.

We will also argue how, during violent encounters, the physiological and psychological impact of adrenal stress will change perceptual experience and awareness. Inconsistencies in your client's narrative may be due to cognitive and physiologic variations and not them being deceitful.

During an adrenal stress event, a spatial distortion is frequent. The individual with aspatial distortion experience  becomes hyper-focused on the threat. Spatial distortion occurs when an organism's normal spatial perception is affected. This can be experimentally produced in various sensory modalities. Simply put, spatial distortion not only makes things look larger but also closer. 


The spatial distortion concept is commonplace and can explain the defendant's stories that claim the attacker was at arms reach when they opened fire when the video footage reveals the distance to be much greater. How is this important? 

Whether the client is lying or telling his perceived accuracy, until the jury is made aware of the science behind the alternate possibilities, the opposition will have no problem selling the construct that your client is lying.

Are these the actions of an untrained person or someone with training and experience? 


This is critically important when it comes to self-defense against the actions of a professional lawbreaker. A professional will deliberately disguise the systematic development of their assault conditions. 


As this ambush progresses, it is sprung with extreme prejudice, making it far more treacherous than many other types of violent encounters. 


It's often difficult for people sitting in a comfortable atmosphere, after the fact to understand the aggressive reaction to a deliberately deceitful trap. It is often burdensome for the jury to believe and comprehend why the defendant's response was so appropriate.


A prosecutorial example is a single fatal knife stab is often a signal that the attacker knew their craft. Similarly is multiple attacks on a single critical target area. 


In cases of scattered, non specified wound targeting pattern indicates a lack of skill or experience with a knife. These are issues I can articulate to help your case.


Some give evidence as a witness in court, however often our reporting is sufficient to assist in reaching an agreeable plea bargain.


Civil cases involving violent encounter often pose significant difficulties for legal professionals:

1) Too often there is no video representation

2) Typically it is a "He said vs. He said" narrative

3) Many attorneys don't have an intimate understanding with regard to the mechanics of violent encounters so they don't present their client's case well enough or how to undermine the opposition's case.

4) Typical juries have impractical, pseudo-comprehension of violence. Their understanding is based on what they have seen on the internet or mass media.


We examine reports, compare conflicting stories, compare the different versions against the damage, and discover which narrative is more probable.


As with all violence reconstruction, we understand the physical skills that cause that sort of trama. Forensics examination will address what happened internally to the victim of the attack. 


We determine how an individual would have to move physically in order to produce adequate force to create such trama.  Moreover to cause it without injuring oneself. Mutual injuries are an important element in determining injury integrity, especially among non-professional fighters.

Litigation Support

Our visual graphics prepared by our expert witness can outline logical sequences and relationships in the case and can help to structure a trial plan. At trial, the graphics can become exhibits to explain salient points and to educate the trier of facts. Our visual approach makes it possible for the self-defense expert witness to completely integrate the case on one document by:

  •  Showing what happened.

  •  Identifying both the expert’s and opponent’s claims.

  •  Highlighting relevant data.

  •  Identifying missing data.

  •  Identifying key areas and responsibilities of the client, counsel, and experts.

  •  Creating a damages model.

  •  Providing a way to challenge and test the other expert’s case to achieve optimal results.


Initial Consultation & Video review:

No charge (limit 1 hour)
Contact us to set up a phone interview



$2,000 Which includes second-by-second analysis of the video and or report review. Oral or written reports available.

Deposition & Consulting: 

$300 an hour


$400 an hour, plus travel expenses.



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Violence Reconstruction Expert Witness