AxxNox Self Defense on Patreon

As long as these lessons are available here, they are always going to be free. This is possible only because of the support provided by the community that has risen up around it. Through Patreon, many of you pledge a few dollars every month, both to give back an amount you feel is fair (or affordable) for the resources made accessible here, and to help keep them around for those who can't afford to do so.

In addition to this, pledging through Patreon also makes you eligible to get your progress reviewed by us (there are different tiers for different lessons). There will always be free, community-based solutions. This is really just for those who want to make sure that the advice they're getting is entirely in line with the lessons and their intent. So! Long story short, if you've got a few dollars to spare each month and have found these lessons to be useful, your support is more than welcome.

A big thank you to the all of you who have supported AxxNox so far