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Online Self Defense Training 11/4/2020

Why The Reality Gap Between Street Self Defense And Martial Arts Is Too Great

Today's self-defense systems have a complete ecosystem of skills, derived from reality and designed to counter-violence. Unlike martial arts or combat sports, there are no points, boundaries, rules, or reciprocal exchanging of blows; the physical action is completely one-sided. It has a single-minded objective to stop the opponent's attack.


Combat sports create great champions of astonishing physical abilities. The events are high-level chess matches between masters. They are today's gladiators that possess amazing skills in Brazillian jujitsu, Thai boxing, and Wrestling techniques.


What these elite athletes do it in a controlled environment. Participants are abiding by rules, points are scored, fighters are automatically separated between rounds. There are no arrests or police involvement at the end and no one is in your corner.

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Why Simple Fighting Skills Are More Effective For Self Defense 

Effective Self-defense is not complex, impressive, or pretty. It is simple, brutal, and efficient. Practical self-defense skills rely more on mindset, naked aggression, physical fitness, and gross motor skills more than the perfection of technique.


The single greatest contributor to the need for simplicity in self-defense is human biology. There are volumes of studies that can explain physiology however we will review a few here. When human beings are adrenalized our cognitive abilities begin to diminish and we experience brain fade.


In his book "On Combat" Lt. Col. Dave Grossman discusses Fear, Physiological Arousal, and Performance. He addresses the physiological shift that the body goes through in moments of combat stress.

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9 Wartime Strategies For Your Personal Self Defense

Militaries from around the globe formulate tactics of war they believe are significant contributors to victory on the battlefield. They are the principals of military conflict, whether you’re Shock and Awe campaign or The Economy of Movement.

The following concepts are what some militaries have taken from Carl von Clausewitz’s work “On War”. Von Clausewitz called it a "logical fantasy," warfare cannot be conducted in a limited way. Human competitive nature will force all parties to use all means necessary to attain victory. Such rigid logic is unrealistic and dangerous in the real world.


We have reviewed them and applied to urban violence in the modern information age.

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Protective Stances and Body Posture for Self Defense EP7

If you find yourself in a circumstance where avoidance and escaping the threat is not an option and the aggressor is advancing, it is critical that you ring-fence your personal space to control the gap between you and the opponent. 

Obviously for an interaction to take place proximity must change. This is how criminals close the distance. Criminals will advance and the close gap down to two feet or less using conversational or some other technique.

You need to defend the gap between you and the opponent. It's vital to your survival. This critical space gives you precious time and options. The closing of the gap in their final action before the assault. You must prevent them from closing this gap.

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Legal Consequences of "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6" Understand Self Defense

How many times have we heard someone say the quote by John Dean "Jeff" Cooper. It's a well-meaning thought out and studied conclusion concerning the complexities of the risk vs threat argument of self-defense.


Some people use this quote as a rubber stamp to justify all sorts of nonsense and not to trouble themselves in studying the legal implications of applying their self-defense skills. They don't care if it's a striking, grappling, knife, or firearm. These individuals think everything stops when the "bad guy" hits the floor however when the body hits the floor the legal process begins.


Most of us don't enjoy a lifestyle where we didn't have to worry about the judicial consequence of violence. The legal repercussions could bankrupt most people in the US if they choose to defend themselves.

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How to Use a Knife In a Self Defense

In most self-defense scenarios, people are engaging an asymmetrical threat. The aspects that make it unequal in some respect may be due to physical size, strength, strategy, tactics, or number of opponents. These reasons and more using a knife for self-defense could be a great equalizer.

If it is a life or death self-defense situation you may have to improve the odds. For a person to have some skill level in the use of a knife as a self-defense weapon there must be some basic level of training and regular practice.


As a person improves their experience, knife fighting skills that are taught in the beginning will merge with the other elements of fighting to produce a better-trained combatant 

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How The Startle Flinch is Our Greatest Self Defense Mechanism And How to Use It

Human Startle Flinch represents the most natural approach to learning how to protect ourselves. The flinch is evolutionary at its core built around how humans move naturally.


The startle reflex is hardwired into you as soon as your born. Infants will respond to loud noise by making a sudden body movement, bringing the legs and arms toward the chest.

EVERYBODY flinches when they are truly surprised. People make a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive reaction to fear, pain, or surprise.

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What To Look For To Find The Best Real-Life Self Defense Martial Arts Form

When too many people have too much invested you are not going to get honest answers. Unfortunately, the self-defense industry is like many political parties or religions there is little collaboration or coexistence.


I would recommend for people starting this journey to not fall into the trap of adopting, defending, or representing any martial art.


The commonly understood definition of self-defense is to protect oneself using force or fighting. The dictionary defines it as countermeasures that involve defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm.

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7 Fighting Skills When Facing Multiple Attackers

No one wants to get caught in the situation of having to fight multiple attackers so it should be avoided.


Preliminary skills include your basic self-defense that consists of; Palm striking or traditional punching, Low-level kicking elements, Knee strikes, and Elbow strikes

The importance of fitness when fighting multiple attackers cannot be overstated. The strategies you be deploying will require you to outwork your attackers so you cannot afford to run out of gas during the situation.


Before we get started let review some critical DO NOTs when fighting multiple attackers at one time.

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How to Overcome Fear In Self Defense and Life EP17

How do you stop the fight or flight fear response from controlling you?

Fear an unpleasant emotion for many that are caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and likely to cause pain or a threat. Fear is the most powerful of all emotions. Fear can overcome even the strongest parts of our intelligence.

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.” - Suzy Kassem

In this article, we will cover the following.

  • How do I overcome my fear of street fights?

  • How do you overcome your fear?

  • How can I reduce my inner fear?

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How To Use Pre Attack Indicators as a Signal In Violent Situation And How To Respond

Since body language compromises 60% of all communication, prior to most violent attacks, there is going to be what's called pre-attack indicators. Pre Attack Indicators reveal people's true intentions. In this article, we will review how to use Pre Attack Indicators as a signal in violent situations.

Let's take a look at a few Self Defense Pre Attack Indicators;

  1.  Target Spotting.  A quick, stealthy look at someone or something. Be alert for people who are looking at you and trying not to make it obvious. Head swiveling the area checking for security cameras, police, or anyone who might intervene in their plans.

  2. Unable to explain or account for presence. People meandering around for no reason should be a red flag and deserves attention. Most people are walking with purpose, carrying stuff to and from somewhere. When someone is just drifting about you should start asking questions.

  3. The quick change in the opponent's position. If the opponent is sitting on a park bench and the ONLY thing that changes is your distance near them and they suddenly change their position (were sitting, were laying down, were leaning on the wall) when you get closer to them

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How Do Predators Pick Their Victims as Targets of Violence Using Body Language

Like it or not your body language affects your safety in public. Predators do not play fair. They choose their victims based on physical condition, preferring young, old, sick, or injured, and stalk their prey, using ambush behavior.

Human predators are wild animals, they look for weaknesses in the heard. Predatory behavior is associated more with criminal violence such as strong-arm robbery not just random acts of violence. Watch CCTV crime videos and you can see predators choose, target, and stalk victims while bypassing the hoards of potential targets around them.

Crimes such as robbery require victim selection. Selection is a necessary step for predators as they first must choose whom they are going to attack. We have learned from criminal psychology that predators are able to make instant predictions on whom to target for violent crime.

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Exploring the Process Of Evidence-Based Self-Defense

The topic of Evidence-Based Self-Defense can be rich with controversy and loud discussion. There are ideas that are held by institutions and people that have firmly held convictions. Our goal is not to be controversial. We find it is best for individuals to remain agnostic when it comes to self-defense skill development.

Bruce Lee said of his martial art “Jeet Kune Do is merely a name used, a boat to get one across the river, and once across, it is to be discarded, and not be carried on one's back”

Understandably there are many body types, strengths, and age differences so we all have individual requirements. Self-defense skills have their strengths and weaknesses. Learn to adapt and compatible with the differences. It becomes a problem when people try to cram s round peg into a square hole and it doesn't serve you, so discard what doesn't fit.

Self Defense Filtration Process Metaphor

Filtration is the action of removing larger complex particulate by a process of pressurizing a substance through a medium. The extraction of the essential meaning or most important aspects of something


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How Safe Do Women Feel That Use The Ride-Hailing Industry

Almost a quarter of females have turned in Uber drivers for uncomfortable behavior. When we were children it was drilled into our heads to never get into a car with a stranger. Times have changed, it’s something we do with little thought. We use our smartphones to call a complete stranger to give us a ride home to the airport or at the of a fun night out.


In October 2019 over 500 women were surveyed across the United States for this report through online polling company Pollfish. Of those who did use the apps, a majority reported they used them sporadically. Less than 1% said they never used Uber and 28% said they never used Lyft.

It has gotten so bad some have demanded to put security cameras in all Uber and Lyft vehicles. That is what happened with taxicabs that were mandated to have them in cities such as LA, San Francisco, Chicago.

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Top Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Needs to Know

In a 2018 survey of 1,000 females in the U.S., 81% reported experiencing sexual harassment, assault, or both in their life. Verbal harassment was the most common form. Over 50% of women said they were touched or groped. Over 25% of women survived physical sexual assault.


Having reassurance about your next steps both physically and verbally can make all the difference, even if you're someone that never was in a situation that made you feel physically unsafe.

Top Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Needs to Know

The University of Oregon authored a study that found that women who participated in a self-defense class felt they:

  • They had improved their personal safety strategy.

  • Had more positive feelings about their bodies.

  • Developed increased self-confidence overall.

  • Developed the skills to handles strangers, and people they know, with regard to potential assault or abuse.

The following instructions are the top eight self-defense skills for females to help you feel empowered to defend yourselves in dangerous situations.

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