How To Perform Standing Finger Trap "COME-ALONG" Self Defense Technique and Escape

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How To Perform Standing Finger Trap "COME-ALONG" Self Defense Technique and Escape

Standing on attacker's left side, grab the attacker with your right hand just above his left

elbow with your thumb wrapped around the other side of his arm.

Step quickly behind him, unbalancing him towards you, thus preventing the attacker from striking you with his other hand.

How To Perform Standing Finger Trap "COME-ALONG" Self Defense Technique

Slip your left hand, palm up, below the attacker's left hand, which is hanging palm down.

Secure his fourth and fifth fingers.

Hold the attacker's wrist and his elbow pressed tightly against your body.

Keep your legs well apart and be well balanced.

Bend the attacker's wrist at right-angles to his forearm, and the attacker's fingers at right angles to his wrist.

Underside view standing finger trap "COME-ALONG" self defense technique AxxNox

Bring the attacker onto his toes, off-balance, by upward pressure on his fingers, and move the attacker around the room. Practice this hold with both hands.


Grasp opponent with the right hand only as in photo. Tell him to touch your nose, and as he

attempts to swing his right hand to your face, pull his left elbow towards you, thus unbalancing him to his left-back comer.

Notice how, by unbalancing the opponent in this manner the threatening movement of his right hand has been checked. Try this experiment a number of times.

Neither of you should move your feet at first.

When training this ask your partner to try and escape.

The Escape From Standing Finger Trap "COME-ALONG" Self Defense Technique

If the attacker fails to trap your forearm tightly between his hands and his body and just holds you with the strength of his hands swing right shoulder and elbow upwards, making the effort from the attacker's body, dropping our left shoulder and if necessary palm striking the attacker's chin left palm.

This method of escape evades the pain of the grip.

If he holds you tightly against his core and keeps the pressure on your fingers there is no escape.

In an actual attack, it might be necessary to break attackers' fingers, but this ability to "treat 'em rough" is best acquired by careful avoid injuring one another.

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