Counter Violence Training Classes

Self Defense Stances and Body Posture for Reality-Based Training Class

Self Defense Stances and Body Posture for Reality-Based Training Class


If you find yourself in a circumstance where avoidance and escaping the threat is not an option and the aggressor is advancing, it is critical that you ring-fence your personal space to control the gap between you and the opponent.


Obviously for an interaction to take place proximity must change. This is how criminals close the distance. Criminals will advance and the close gap down to two feet or less using conversational or some other technique.


You need to defend the gap between you and the opponent. It's vital to your survival. This critical space gives you precious time and options. The closing of the gap is their final action before the assault. You must prevent them from closing this gap.  Learn More


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Verbal Self Defense Stances Training Technical Specifications:

  • Read Time: 6 Min
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • UPC: 463443tt443
  • Location:
  • Language: America Engish
  • Level of Complexity: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Category: Counter Violence Training
  • Skillsets:  Prevention, Escape, and Evade, Use of Force
  • Audio Article: No

  • Cited References: Mark Bowden, Geoff Thompson

  • Author: Shawn Lebrock


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Self Defense Stances and Body Posture for Reality-Based Training Class

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