Self Defense Training Courses and Classes For Men and Women

Self-defense skills acquired in the reality-based programs are to be used in real-life violent situations.

Street assaults are not a sport or a point match. In real life, you do not get to pick your attacker. The criminals will try to pick the location, time type of attack.


  • Reality-based self-defense training programs will guide you to prevent, evade, and escape and if need be use of force on the attacker.

  • Successful self-defense training classes cultivate a survival mindset that will allow you to persist through any situation.

  • Reality-based self-defense training systems will have an emphasis on physical fitness and conditioning.

  • Self-defense training extensively focuses on the psychology of criminal intent and realistic self-defense.

  • Reality-based self-defense training systems have no allegiance to art forms or cult of personality.

  • Self-defense training systems will have a moral compass while exploring evidence-based self-defense skillsets from around the globe without prejudice.


Successful Self Defense Training is Derived From Anywhere There is Human to Human Conflict;

  • Law Enforcement

  • Military

  • Underworld

  • Criminal justice system

  • Civilian foreign intelligence services

  • Combat sports

Why are Reality-based Self-Defense Training Systems So Effective

Reality-based self-defense training systems are designed to be highly effective in real-world conditions where your survival is on the line. These systems are designed with the sole purpose of personal security and defense.  ​Reality Self-defense Training is simple, not a bit entertaining, or pretty but brutally effective.

Who Can Benefit From Reality-based Self-Defense Training?

Everyone! Reality-based self-defense systems meet students where they are now and progress them on a journey. The knowledge to change your circumstances when and where you find yourself is not just for people of a certain age, gender or fitness level. Everyone can be targeted by an attacker.


Prior expertise isn’t necessary to learn real-life self-defense training.

Many people will avoid self-defense training because they think it’s too difficult or they don’t have enough experience. Reality-based self-defense systems (RBSD ) are devised for the widest range of people.


The following is a brief list of the types of students of Reality-based self-defense systems:

  • Stay-at-home Moms

  • Teenagers

  • Police Officers

  • Attorneys & Accountants

  • Senior Citizens

  • Military Personnel

  • Self-employed

  • College Students

  • Security Agents

  • Corrections Officers

  • Teachers

  • Females

  • Martial Artists

  • Martial Instructors

  • Fitness Instructors

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Dentists

  • Working Professionals Of All Kinds

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Self Defense Training Courses
Self Defense Training Courses